We don't just take part,

we take charge.

KINGDOM GROUP is a Saudi-based business advisory services firm committed to delivering client-centric strategies and tools for investment financing & development solutions, accelerating growth and enhancing the value of your company. We work alongside business professionals, market investors, financial institutions and leaders to identify barriers to growth and help you craft and implement a growth vision that works for you, your employees, your customers, and all your stakeholders.

Our approach of client-driven flexibility works with a broad range of organizations – from startups and emerging growth companies, to privately-owned businesses and mid-market range companies, locally & internationally. Industries and sectors we encompass include agribusiness and forestry, financial institutions, funds, health and education, infrastructure, manufacturing, energy and mining, Public-Private Partnerships,  telecommunications, media and technology, tourism, retail and property.

Holistic Growth Planning

Our approach is comprehensive and looks at your organization from the outside in. We will help you assess realistic options for growth, prioritize them, and help you determine what it will take to execute the selected options – especially those important issues surrounding the financing of your growth plan.

Intuitive &  Capable Network

Our principals are supported by a strong, collaborative and accomplished network of affiliates - professionals with significant credentials and achievements in areas that support our practice areas.

Our Strategy

Our strategy focuses on promoting selective business and supporting the country’s financial markets (particularly housing finance, insurance, & leasing), infrastructure development, and lending to SMEs as ways to support job creation and economic growth. We also focus on encouraging cross-border investments, helping Saudi companies promote growth in emerging market countries, particularly in the areas of health, education, energy and infrastructure.