Public-Private Partnership


Public-Private Partnership





Every country has its own, often very complex, development challenges, priorities, and financial constraints, and there is no one solution to addressing all of them. While PPPs are not the answer to every country’s infrastructure and social service needs, they are a tool that helps governments meet development challenges and should be considered in line with national priorities, resources, and capacity.

Through Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), governments partner with the private sector to deliver a public service in line with strict service criteria. The government establishes the project objectives, while the private sector takes responsibility for meeting them. Payment on delivery and risk sharing help keep the private partner focused on delivering quality public services that help meet national development goals.

In advising governments on implementing PPPs, we focus on the regions and sectors with the greatest needs. We can work closely with governments providing advice on technical, legal, and regulatory requirements; building capacity; addressing social and sustainability issues; and devising the strategies necessary to deliver successful PPPs.