Kingdom Group combines investments and advisory services to help the private sector address the world’s soaring demand for food in an environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive way.

Our approach in agribusiness is comprehensive and comprises the full value chain. We aim to bring land into sustainable production, improve productivity by transferring technologies and practices, and make the best use of water and other natural resources. As urbanization continues, we work to support efficient supply chains to bring safe, affordable food to cities.

To help clients prefinance inventories, seeds, fertilizers, and chemicals for farmers, KG offers working capital facilities. We are helping clients maintain competitiveness, upgrade sanitary and food safety standards, and expand market access.

We also pursue investments, with both private and public sectors, in infrastructure—including ports, warehouses, cold storage, and telecommunications—that can facilitate trade and reduce cost.

To reach small farmers and rural enterprises, particularly in low-income countries, KG is working with trading companies and financial intermediaries, helping channel financing and advisory services effectively.