We provide comprehensive solutions

to meet today's  development challenges



Kingdom Group's offerings are designed to meet the specific needs of our clients in different industries, with a special focus on infrastructure, manufacturing, energy, agribusiness, services, and financial markets.

Tourism, Retail & Property

Kingdom Group focuses on key industries that form the foundation of sustainable growth and that provide affordable goods and services to consumers, create jobs, contribute to government revenue, and stimulate the growth of local small and medium enterprises.

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KG helps develop infrastructure projects that can meaningfully improve peoples’ lives in emerging markets, with a special emphasis on fast-growing cities where there are critical needs in power, utilities, and transportation.

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We combine investments and advisory services to help the private sector address the world’s soaring demand for food in an environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive way.

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Manufacturing sectors are major contributors to jobs, growth, and improving living standards. Beyond generating higher incomes through employment and productivity gains, advances in manufacturing help improve living standards through innovation and by keeping product prices low.

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Public-Private Partnership

Every country has its own, often very complex, development challenges, priorities, and financial constraints, and there is no one solution to addressing all of them. While PPPs are not the answer to every country’s infrastructure and social service needs, they are a tool that helps governments meet development challenges and should be considered in line with national priorities, resources, and capacity.

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Natural resources help provide energy for millions of people, help governments increase tax revenues and attract investment, and help bolster employment and infrastructure in remote and low-income areas. At the same time, there are risks involved with developing oil, gas, and mining projects that need to be carefully managed and addressed.

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Our services enable companies to manage risk and broaden their access to foreign and domestic capital markets. Our advice helps unlock private sector investment, which is essential for expanding businesses, creating jobs, and growing economies.


We work with the private sector to encourage entrepreneurship and build sustainable businesses—advising them on a wide range of issues, including environmental, social and governance standards, energy and resource efficiency, and supply chains. We help expand access to critical finance for individuals and micro, small, and medium enterprises through our work with financial intermediary clients.


We also measure our results and those of our clients to assess whether we are contributing effectively to our goals of ending extreme poverty and boosting shared prosperity—and whether our work is making a difference to the people and markets that most need our help.